A collection of some of the testimonials I’ve collected throughout my career at various companies.

(Translated from French) I have known Joanne for many years. I had the opportunity to work with her on several projects. I greatly appreciate her professionalism, her involvement, her ability to work equally well in both languages ​​and her talent for creating high-quality documents. Joanne is very conscientious and does not let any detail escape her.


President, General Director, NEO Out-of-Home Networks

Joanne is smart, organized, detail-oriented, and dedicated. She asks questions and then runs projects until they are exactly what you had in mind. She cares about the end product, but also the people involved in it. I relied on her when there were big projects with complex timelines. While we worked together, she was part of the management team I supervised, she was easy to work with, always interested in learning, and took our customers’ success to heart.


VP Employer Branding, Sept24

Working with Joanne is a delightful experience! Her unique professionalism and thorough understanding of projects surpass other designers. She efficiently minimizes revisions while proactively sharing her expertise. Joanne’s approach not only yields high-quality, stunning designs but also reflects her deep corporate insight, as she anticipates future needs and offers valuable recommendations, greatly enriching our collaboration.

HR Marketing Strategist, Sept24

I had the recent pleasure of working with Joanne for the first time on a project.  From our initial meeting she was welcoming, enthusiastic and eager to learn about the needs of our business.  We were unsure of what we wanted or needed, but Joanne was with us every step of the way to share her creative expertise and guide us all the way through to the finished project.  She was extremely efficient, patient, and so easy to work with – I would highly recommend Sundesigns and look forward to collaborating with Joanne again in the future!

Confidential Corporate Client

Vice President, Client Services

Working with Joanne was a pleasure. She was super professional, creative, and responsive. I highly recommend her for your design projects, especially any related to PowerPoint.


Marketing and Communications Manager, Panache Ventures

From the moment I began working with Joanne at Monster, I knew that she would be an ideal teammate and collaborator! Her pleasant demeanor and consummate professionalism are at the forefront of her interactions and communications. She welcomes questions and is generous with her time and expertise, always willing to provide guidance in her areas of expertise and provide additional support and resource materials.

As a content manager and designer, Joanne has not only achieved innovative and engaging learning products to fulfill stakeholder needs but leverages her innate curiosity to explore beyond those boundaries to devise/offer alternative paths and approaches. Her presentations, courseware, Web design, and collateral manifest her creative talent as well as fine-tuned attention to detail and quality.

In her curriculum projects and as graphical/Web designer, Joanne redesigned countless pages of Web content, executing on useability, accessibility, and search engine optimization (SEO) essentials, to provide the best experience possible for global consumers of our content. Additionally, Joanne has led recorded and live training sessions that are clear, engaging, and easy to consume, based on her knowledge of best practices and learning methodologies.

Joanne has drawn upon her experience as a creative design leader to devise and implement processes/process improvements for project planning, workflow scheduling and management, and continuous improvement feedback. She is considered a thought leader not only within her own team, but across the many global teams with which our team has interacted daily. She has won several recognition awards for her solutions for continuous improvement and innovation.

With the many hats she has worn, Joanne brings a richness of experience, expertise, enthusiasm, and dedication to every project or resource in which she is involved. She has been a trusted advisor and subject matter expert who has guided our team on best practices, tools usage (audio/video capture and editing, content development and rendering, project planning) and design/development principles.

Joanne is a thoughtful and active listener and exudes positivity, while maintaining keen focus on the strategic objectives. She keeps customer experience and time to market top of mind. Possessing a high emotional intelligence, she adapts to the skills and needs of her counterparts. Not satisfied with the status quo, she always seeks feedback, and implements improvements as a result.

Working with Joanne is a delight! She is a true advocate – a supportive and esteemed colleague, and I am forever grateful for having learned so much from her!


Sales, Technical and Consultative Enablement Professional, Worked together at Monster Worldwide

I have been working with Joanne for a year now and it has been an absolute pleasure. The first time I met her during my orientation, she came across as someone extremely approachable – who is open to ideas and questions and is ready to support. I see her work and she brings ideas to life with creativity, even the most dry and dull ones. I was new to the design world and whenever I had a question for Joanne she answered it in the simplest possible way that made me think “hmmm that wasn’t that difficult”.


Project Manager, Worked together at Monster Worldwide

Joanne’s role required strong communication skills, and she showed that she not only has these skills, she also has the ability to inspire respect and cooperation in teammates. She is a motivated and responsible person with a high degree of integrity. Frankly, I think the world of her.

Therefore I have no hesitation in recommending Joanne in a similar position and am confident that she will meet the high expectations required.


Chairman and CEO, Zoom Media Inc.

Joanne Sunde and I worked together for close to 10 years, during which we collaborated on multiple PowerPoint and Prezi presentations. Joanne is a delight to work with. She is an outstanding designer with an amazing eye, and a masterful command of her tools. Joanne is also a consummate professional with unwavering integrity. She is one of the hardest working people I know, routinely exceeding expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend Joanne to anyone seeking a brilliant designer with an exemplary work ethic.

President and Founder, Exaltus