Graphic Design Portfolio

Samples of my work in graphic design by Sundesigns Graphic Design Solutions, while at Monster Worldwide and C4 Communications. Much of the work is confidential so I am only showing what is permitted.


A sample of work done for my own customers. Due to confidentiality clauses, I cannot show the full extent of the work I did, however here are a few highlights. Select a brand to learn more about the project.

BOMA Quebec logo
Gestion Laquerre et Varennes Cabinet en services financiers logo
Gestion Laquerre et Varennes Cabinet en services financiers logo
Confidential Corporate Client
OBNL 360 Logo

C4 Communications  / OBNL 360

While working at C4 Communications produced marketing collaterals, social media designs for pages and posts, worked on annual reports, posters and brochures for various brands for their customers. Here are a few samples of the work I did for their customers though there were countless others I could not include as they were confidential.

CFA logo
Logo Camp St-Donat
Logo Camp St-Donat
Monster Strategic Talent Solutions Logo

Monster Strategic Talent Solutions

While working at Monster as Creative Manager, I mainly oversaw the high volume of design work done by my team. However, I did have the opportunity to do design on projects where my team and I collaborated with the internal marketing departments to produce marketing collaterals, PowerPoint decks that followed the Monster branding guidelines. Due to the confidential nature of these assets, I am unable to display examples here.