CFA Montréal 2016 Campaign


CFA Montréal wanted to make it easier for investors to understand the global markets so as to take a more active part by being more aware of their investments. To promote their 12 information sheets on the subject, C4 was responsible for the 4 week campaign that was in La Presse’s mobile app, in the business section of the La Presse website and their printed “cahier weekend”. My role was to find images for the ads, design the material for the campaign and the various formats and interactivity based on the existing design of the sheets.

See press coverage: Grenier aux nouvelles

Project Details

My Employer C4 Communications
My Employer’s Client
CFA Montréal
Year April to May 2016
Skills Readapt existing brand
Programs Used Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

Other Campaign Elements

Other Design Asset

The agency designed free knowledge sheets and the client wanted a video to help promote the sheets to investors. I prepared this video for this purpose.