Corporate design – Confidential Client

Value posters

Poster text: Collaborative. We are stronger together, weaker when divided.
Poster text: Adaptable. We embrace and drive change, in order to continuously improve.
Poster text: We bring passion and energy to work, don't settle for anything but the best.
Poster text: Accountable. We take ownership for the quality of our work individually and as a team.


  • The client wanted to revisit 24″ x 36″ posters of their company values by a previous designer a couple of years prior.
  • These posters would be prominently featured in the office for many years.
  • They would be printed on large canvas posters by a local printer in Canada in another province than mine, therefore I would not be able to oversee the printing myself.


  • Since they wanted the posters to stand the test of time, they were concerned that photos would date the posters over time.
  • The client already had a defined colour palette, icons for the values and fonts.
  • The posters also featured the company’s logo but for confidentiality purposes, I have removed them for my portfolio.
  • I needed to provide extra support so that the customer could manage the printing and approve colour proofs.
  • The supplier does not provide color proofs for canvas posters.


  • The values were well-written and having an image was not necessary to support the message. By removing the image from the equation, we no longer needed to worry about selecting a photo that would not be dated over time (fashion, colours, objects in the photo).
  • I proposed a solution where the typography would be at the forefront and that the message would be the visual.
  • Once the poster designs were approved, we were still concerned about printing the posters without a colour proof.
  • I proposed that we ask the printer to agree to print at a reduced rate (we did not need them to be mounted on a frame) at the smallest possible format (10″ x 12″) a special design that I put together featuring key areas we would have wanted to monitor on colour proofs.
10 x 12 inch colour proof of the 4 posters
Posters in office


  • The client was able to print the four posters with confidence that the colours would come out right thanks to the small test file I prepared.
  • The printed canvas posters were placed in the office and the customer is very pleased with the final results.
Posters in office