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Zoom Media Cover Woman Logo 2015

15 years working at Zoom Media

I worked here 15 years as a graphic designer since May 2000. The last four years were in a management position where I headed the Montreal Studio department. During the last year Zoom was in the process of renewing its brand. Some of the work I did is still confidential but some of what has been published is featured here. Together with the Marketing director and the support of upper management, it was our responsibility to update the brand. Below are a few samples of the those initiatives which transition from the old to the new Zoom.

Marketing Collateral

Preparing marketing collateral such as sophisticated multimedia PowerPoint presentations for sales and research results, brochures, leave-behinds, were part of my daily tasks which I executed with pleasure. While I am not permitted to post much of what I prepared, I can feature what has been published online and generic versions of documents (data is only placeholder text) to preserve the confidentiality of the content and display the sample layout.

Print Ads

The following 13″ x 17″ ads were posted in Zoom’s Agency network. Once a month, Marketing and Studio would collaborate on a concept to help promote our networks, products and services. We were in the process of transitioning to a new look, a new voice, trying new things. The following are a few highlights of these posters.

Designers: Jonathan Couture-Roussy for all except the flowchart which was designed by Isabelle Rousseau.

I was responsible for the creative direction.


The following commercials were promoted in Zoom’s digital screen network. Clients requeste that Zoom’s studio create their 15s digital ad spot from a supplied story line and static assets. The following are a few highlights of the ads I created between 2009 and 2015.


The following videos were put together to promote Zoom Media, usually as a post-buy wrap up for the client. The following are a few highlights of the videos I built between 2009 and 2015.


Greniers d’Or 2014 : Grandes causes

Was awarded to Zoom Media for our winter holiday campaign/card. A joint effort between the Montreal Marketing and Studio departments, the idea was for Zoom employees to collect gently used winter accessories at home, among friends and family to help those in need. Studio and Marketing team members attached over 50 unique articles like hats, scarves and gloves to be featured in the Zoom posters, in the Zoom’s advertising agency networks, encouraging others to donate as well. The rest of the posters were photos of actual articles in the Resto-bar and Fitness networks. After the campaign posting in Montreal and Quebec City, all articles, including those from the posters, were donated to the Salvation army. The campaign was met with much enthusiasm from Zoom employees and viewers alike!

Creative Direction: Joanne Sunde
Designer: Jonathan Couture-Roussy

Zoom Media Employee Recognition Awards

2009 award
2004 award


Joanne’s role required strong communication skills, and she showed that she not only has these skills, she also has the ability to inspire respect and cooperation in teammates. She is a motivated and responsible person with a high degree of integrity. Frankly, I think the world of her.

Therefore I have no hesitation in recommending Joanne in a similar position and am confident that she will meet the high expectations required.


Chairman and CEO, Zoom Media Inc.

Joanne Sunde and I worked together for close to 10 years, during which we collaborated on multiple PowerPoint and Prezi presentations. Joanne is a delight to work with. She is an outstanding designer with an amazing eye, and a masterful command of her tools. Joanne is also a consummate professional with unwavering integrity. She is one of the hardest working people I know, routinely exceeding expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend Joanne to anyone seeking a brilliant designer with an exemplary work ethic.

President and Founder, Exaltus

Joanne is a fantastic team member. Talented, patient, and knowledgeable, she was consistently able to provide vital assistance on projects ranging from sell sheets and media kits to specialty production design for trade shows. Beyond her extremely capable technical skills and outstanding sense of design, she was a joy to work with. Her patience and willingness to share her knowledge was always appreciated. I would recommend Joanne with the highest regard.

Freelance Creative Director

Joanne is a passionate and talented graphic designer. She’s a fast learner and can work with tight timelines without compromising quality. She is very attentive to client needs, always willing to help colleagues and share her knowledge. I highly recommend her.

Vice-President Marketing, Groupe St-Hubert, Retail Division